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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Economic Hard Times??

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HEADLINE excerpts: The Financial Crisis - 2008 CRASH!

October 8, 2008 : NEW YORK - Unprecendented actions by the world's central banks, led by the US Federal Reserve which cut its key interest rate by 50 basics points to just 1.5%, yesterday helped stem a worldwide collapse in the stock markets.
Earlier, markets across Asia were in freefall, with Japan's Nikkei down almost 10%, taking cue from Wall Street's big drop overnight.
European stock markets closed with heavy loses, as investors brushed aside central bank efforts to counter the financial crisis. - The London FTSE
Singapore firms brace for tough times. Amid tanking global stock markrts and credit crisis that shows no signs abating, sentiment among businesses have also been hit.

9 October, 2008: HELL in Asia. Panic attack as investors sell off shares at any price as they rushed for the exit, echoing the sort of alarm that last seen during the Asia financial crisis and the 1987 Black Monday crash.

10 October, 2008: RATE CUTS fail to bring Asia-wide rally. Efforts by Asian central banks to join their Western counterparts in coordinated effort to cut interest rates failed to produce the regionwide rally many expected yesterday...
As AUSTRALIA dollar plunged to $1.025 to the SGD yesterday, money changers here ran out of or stopped selling the currency... Later ChannelNewsAsia reported as low as S$0.97!

11 October, 2008: OH, WHAT A WEEK: Global markets lose US$6 trillion in panic selling. Governments pump in in at least US$6 trillion to little effect.
SINGAPORE is in a technical recession after the economy slipped into negative territory for the second quarter in a row, dragged down by a slump in export and a weak property market. But the real recession, which usually portends job losses, will probably come next year ...
US guarantee for bank debt under study: The US goverment is weighing two dramatic steps to unfreeze bank lending and staunch massive losses in stock markets ...
STI fall below 2,000 as global stock dive: Global stock markets dissolved panic-fuelled chaos yesterday, following another precpitous late sell-off on Wall Street. No markets is spared... unable to rein in the market freefall. A fresh source alarm, worries investors - Morgan Stanley might be on brink of collapse ... A crissis would send fresh shock-waves through the reeling financial system, coming after the collapse of Lehman Brothers last month ...

12 October,2008: NEW YORK shudders in fear. Consumer confidence has taken a big hit and no corner seems safe. Nervous chatter: 1) "I am frightened. People are being laid off - from Lehman and other places. You can hear people talking about it. Everyone is anxious." 2) "I'm living month to month", says the willowy brunette, adding that she considering US$200 taking a "good night".
Europe fiddles as continent burn: In recent weeks, however, Europe's bureaucrats had no need for saunas, for they were already sweating - in fear - as they watched their continent's banking system head for meltdown.

26 October, 2008: MARKETS SINK: SINGAPORE (STI) fall yesterday 8.33%, fall this week 14.81%; JAPAN (Nikkei) fall yesterday 9.6%, fall this week 12.02%; HONG KONG (Hang Seng) fall yesterday 8.3%, this week 13.3%; SOUTH KOREA fall yesterday 10.57%, fall this week 20.49%; SHANGHAI fall yesterday 1.92%, this week 4.71%; INDIA (Sensex) fall yesterday 1o.96%, fall this 12.77%.
Global stocks were savaged yesterday, sending many bourses crashing to multi-year lows, as investers were spooked by fears that that a harsh global recession would pummel company profits. It was one of the worst days on the global markets since the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers last month set off widespread panic on fear of financil meltdown.
Yesterday, already punch-drunk equity markets suffered more bloodletting as intensifying worries over the dreaded R-word spread like wildfire worldwide...

27 October, 2008: USA: MARKET-GLOOM

Insurance Injection
Extra financial help, legal settlements, and increased competition drive the markets after hours.
Insurers Tank, Dow Tumbles
CNA leads decline, oil slips.
Commodities On Deck, Fed Meets
BP, U.S. Steel, Occidental Petroleum, and Valero Energy on deck; October consumer confidence report. Video Network (daily updates):

Insurers Tank, Dow TumblesCNA leads decline, oil slips.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

12,000 tonnes for that caffeine fix

19 August 08 The Strait Times
by Jessica Lim

12,000 tonnes for that caffeine fix
Singaporeans are drinking more coffee than ever!

THE urge for a caffeine fix is strong and growing here.

Consumption of coffee powder and beans is predicted to go up to 12,000 tonnes this year - more than twice the amount of steel there is in the Eiffel Tower and 10 per cent more than last year, said a Singapore Coffee Association spokesman.

This demand is fuelling a coffee craze across all markets, from upmarket chains to the neighbourhood coffee shop.

The bigger coffee chains here - Starbucks Singapore, Spinelli Coffee Company and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - told The Straits Times they are expanding.

Starbucks Singapore, wholly owned by Starbucks Coffee International, opened a new store at Pacific Plaza on Aug 1 and has plans to open more outlets in the next few months.

It currently has 57 stores in Singapore.

The company's fortunes here contrast sharply with those in the United States and elsewhere.

Just last month, Starbucks, the world's largest coffee chain, said that it would close 600 stores in the United States and lay off more than 12,000 employees in the process, the most in its history.

The move was announced as rising economic troubles forced American consumers to cut back on spending.

Earlier this month, it closed 61 of its 84 outlets in Australia, though for a different reason: According to published news reports, the chain has been snubbed by many Australians who have grown up on a diet of quality European-style coffee introduced in the last century to Australia by immigrants.

In Singapore, however, chains are flourishing.

Spinelli, which has 28 outlets here, is on the lookout for suitable sites for new ones. Its newest outlet: the one at Raffles Hospital which opened on July 31.

More ambitious still is Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf which will open a new outlet every month for the next three months.

Even local chains are cashing in.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast will add two more stores to its chain of 31 stores here, thanks to the brisk business it is doing.

The chain sells about 28,000 cups of coffee a day now, 15 per cent more than it did around the same time last year.

The coffee craze is not restricted to expensive cuppas. At the neighbourhood kopitiam, business is booming too.

'Every morning, there are long lines of people buying coffee at neighbourhood coffee shops...Last time, the lines were much shorter,' said the chairman of the Foochow Coffee Restaurant & Bar Merchants Association, Mr Hong Poh Hin.

'The most popular type of coffee is the 80 cent cup of kopi (coffee with condensed milk).'

He added that at least three new coffee shops have opened in the past two months.

Supermarkets are also seeing increased sales of coffee products.

Giant Hypermarket said sales have risen by 30 per cent this year compared to the same time last year.

NTUC FairPrice saw sales go up by 20 per cent and Cold Storage by 10 per cent during the same period.

The most popular type of coffee: instant coffee mix.

Brewing at home is also catching on.

Electronics retailer Best Denki said it has seen a 30 per cent increase in sales of its coffee machines - which cost between $299 and $3,999 - in the January to August period this year compared to the same period last year.

According to retail management lecturer Sarah Lim, 46, the saturation point for the coffee business is unlikely to come any time soon.

The reason: It is reasonably priced and Singaporeans are latching on to the

habit of sitting and chatting with friends over a cup or two.

Said the Singapore Polytechnic lecturer: 'It isn't like the bubble tea phase, where stores sprouted up to make a quick buck without much business planning.' She added, 'This is the real thing.'

Singaporeans interviewed agreed that meeting friends and chatting over a cup of coffee is becoming a habit.

Said Ms Rebecca Loo, 25, who started drinking coffee two years ago when she started working: 'It's what gets my brain going every morning and I also meet friends for coffee during the weekend.

'It's not even a phase, it's a lifestyle.'

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Friday, August 8, 2008

Unbelievable Courage... & Testimony

Hello blog readers... what do you think of this story in human courage???

" Hi, my name is Joe H. and I am 29 years old & medically retired from the Military. I have held many job titles in my life to include farmer, landscaping, horse trainer, jet engine mechanic, photographer, international purchasing agent, military jail escort, security, custom aquarium specialist, award winning painter, graphics design artist, web designer, and of course U.S. Marine Sergeant! I was a full contact fighter for almost 7 years. I fought mostly Muay Thai and Akida-Ryu. I have ridden sport bikes for about 12 years with my first two bike's being a 1984 V4 700 Honda Magnas, and the last bike being a 2000 Honda VFR 800. I had accumulated over 50,000 miles, before I was clipped at a red light in a hit and run. I was also in the U.S. Marine Corps for 7 years.
Because of all of these things, I have been hurt a lot and to illustrate this point, I will share most of my injuries. Both of my hands have been crushed, and I have broken all of my fingers except for my thumbs. I have broken my left hand and wrist, and my left elbow three times. Because of the damage to my right hand, my right pinky finger bends 180 degrees the wrong way, and the pinched nerves in my neck cause my right arm and hand to be numb almost all of the time. A severe laceration to my left wrist cut all but one tendon to my thumb, limiting the mobility in my left hand. This in itself wouldn't be so bad, but I have also broken my left leg, left foot, most of my toes, and cracked my left hip. I have also torn the muscles in my back that hold my right shoulder blade in place, as well as several muscles in the right side of my chest. Along with all of these things, I also have developed over 200 tumor like knots all over my arms, legs, chest, and back that cause chronic pain and exhaustion. I have been walking with the assistance of a cane, and generally three, 8 inch pain patches on my back and neck. Of course without the electro shock therapy, acupuncture, and medications, I probably wouldn't be walking at all.
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bHIP All Natural Energy has given me the freedom to get back to my life and live pain free. "
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Coffee, Red Bull or bHIP Energy for alertness?


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Saturday, March 29, 2008

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